Our company – the Straubinger Kartoffelhandels GmbH – is located in one of the most fruitful agricultural areas in Bavaria: in the Gäuboden. We are specialized in table potatoes and onions and with our efficient potato receiving technique we pose as a reliable partner for the potato producers of this region.

In our box storage we can permanently store about 4.000 tons of table potatoes from the harvest in summer until the next spring and therefore we are able to constantly provide our customers in our home country or from abroad with our table potatoes.

With our modern manufacturing facility we can calibrate the valuable potatoes to the customers preferences and provide them in various packaging (bulk, Big Bag, 50 kg, 25 kg and from 20kg in 0,5kg steps down to 1,5kg).

Our staff is highly motivated and dedicated to the conditioning, packaging and transport and represents the heart of the company. Our substantial distribution network makes it possible to find the perfect marketing for every quality of our product. As distributor or customer – just inquire more information at any time!