KartoffelernteThe Straubinger Kartoffelhandels GmbH was founded in April 2006 by the family of Mr. Daniel Probst and originates in Äußere Passauer Str. 239 in 94315 Straubing.

As a result of the development of the company the management decided to buy a warehouse in Enchendorfstr. 22 in 94447 Plattling. Since July 2010, Straubinger KartoffelhandelsgmbH has been working as a production site at this location in Gäuboden.

The Probst family can rely on over 40 years of experience in the potato trade business. The forward-oriented investment was one step to stay present in the new millenium with the export, shipping, preparation, marketing and storage of potatoes.

The Straubinger Kartoffelhandels GmbH is confronting the new tasks ahead with its dedicated staff and new machines. Among other things there was installed a palletizer, 2 computer scales, a potato washer and a powerful receiving machine. The storage of bulk goods was converted to contain 1.500 pieces of 3-t-boxes. The young and dynamic staff implements a product-retracing system after the highest standards.

The Straubinger Kartoffelhandels GmbH is certified in “QS Großhandel Obst, Gemüse, Kartoffeln” and “IFS cash&carry / wholesale” and fulfills all requirements of a modern commercial enterprise in dynamic sourroundings.

Zertificate (PDF)