The Straubinger Kartoffelhandels GmbH is your partner for receiving, storage, preparation and marketing of table and processing potatoes in various packaging in the Free State of Bavaria. In the fruitful Gäuboden the potatoes grow with wonderful light-colored peel which are perfectly suited for marketing on the german as well as the international market.

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After a qualitative demanding but nevertheless successful season of 2018 the new main harvest of potatoes and onions in 2019 is imminent.

On monday, the 26th of August 2019, we begin to place our hard peel potatoes in stock.

We are happy to be personally and by telephone availlable for you to inform about our storing conditions and delivery dates as well as every other questions you might have concerning our potatoes and onions.
Please contact Henning Bannick:
Telephone: +49 9931/9295402
Mobile: +49 175/2619985